Personalization & Modern Marketing

  • Product Personalization is showing relevant products based on the demographics, infographics, and psychographics of the customer.
  • Product Listing Personalization is determining the order of products shown to the user, based on a perceived value from previous purchases.
  • Search Personalization is the ability to customize the search results of a particular query. It also can achieve instant keyword and product recommendations, and personalized search page ordering.
  • Content Personalization is the presenting of personalized, onscreen content based on specific data gathered about the visitor, on-page, subpage or widget on any page, e.g., most relevant content determined by the user interests.
  • Marketing Personalization is the sending of the most relevant offers in your marketing communications.
  • To remind me of things: A particular item your customer is looking for may be out of stock, and they want to be notified when it is available again.
  • To know me better no matter where I am: When a customer is using a navigation app, it can suggest the location of the nearest McDonald’s and offers to order it, so it is ready when you arrive, even account for traffic and travel time. However, to achieve this, you must unsilo teams and use your data effectively.
  • To only have relevant recommendations: When a customer abandons a purchase, it is common practice to retarget them with ads and messaging. This can quickly get annoying, so it is better to use advanced technology and algorithms to determine complementary products based on past purchases and interests to dictate marketing spend, and not just an abandoned shopping cart.



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