Daily Scrum

  • Looking for anything that is stopping the team’s current effort and reporting these impediments back to the team
  • Once established, it is imperative to devise an action plan to deal and ultimately remove these impediments
  • What stories are completed and what will the team be working on that day
  • An updated sprint backlog. This should be done by keeping it in front of you during the Daily Scrum, so you can determine how impediments will affect it and adjust accordingly
  • Improvised plan to meet the sprint goal that is based on the team’s updates

Sprint Planning

  • What needs to be and can be delivered in the Sprint?
  • How will the work needed for the execution of the Sprint be achieved?
  • A shared understanding of the items to be taken into the next Sprint
  • Ensure that definition of ready is met for all the stories
  • That stories in the Sprint are fully understood by the team, increasing the probability of achieving true value
  • The team becomes clear on the value and acceptance criteria of the stories, including the rationale behind it
  • The team clearly defines ask and have prerequisites ready to estimate the story, sorting out all assumptions before development
  • Items are more refined and prioritized based on customer impact and business justification

Sprint Review

  • The Product Owner reviews and accepts the delivered product increment or provides feedback
  • A strengthened partnership between stakeholders and the development team. The focus should be on the experience, not the demo
  • Feedback on the increment produced in the sprint with a particular emphasis on the stakeholder’s needs in the backlog and how the feedback will be incorporated into the stories
  • A team-wide agreement on changes to scope based on feedback, along with the timeline of the planned release, with a focus on how it will impact the vision of the project

Sprint Retrospective

  • What issues arose in the last sprint
  • Develop an action plan to fix them
  • Develop a proactive approach to prevent them from happening



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