Omnichannel Experience for a Large Canadian Telco


The telecom operator needed to modernize their online experience so that the customers could easily manage their wireless, TV, internet, and home services without the need to contact customer care or visit a retail location. The expectations set for the improved application included: it must support cloud infrastructure, allow teams to release new features, support two-way interaction so customers can report incidences and receive real-time notifications once resolved and most importantly, track customer’s journey across channels and touchpoints while identifying user pain-points to improve.


In close collaboration, we developed and integrated a new application using an advanced technology stack enabling customers to Browse, Search, Buy, Self-Serve, and provide Feedback through web, tablet, and mobile. Billing and payment solutions were developed as per client standards and APIs were created that could easily be leveraged to cross-functional groups. An in-app message delivery system with push notifications and real-time analytics for business was also delivered.


Satisfying both customers’ and business needs, the solution not only proved cost-effective but significantly improved response time, customer engagement, and Net Promoter Score. The platform presents customers with personalized offers derived from analytics and the operator is now able to leverage their mobile platform to reuse and develop new mobile applications to support enterprise customers at a minimal cost.



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