I’m Connected but am I Connected to You?

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Hi there, it’s me, your customer. The one you spend millions of dollars trying to connect with during the waking hours? Ya, that one. Well, guess what? I am connected. But perhaps the term “connected” is misleading. I prefer to view myself as “empowered.” And if you want to connect with me, you first need to understand what this empowerment is, and I won’t lie, it borders on superpowers!

Don’t believe me?

How about streaming music on long drives, and even changing the destination at the drop of a hat, all while never getting lost? I don’t ever really need to know where I am going. Instead, I can figure out both the journey and the destination along the way. My life is an adventure, one where I can simultaneously order toilet paper, crush candies, and reply to emails whether I am in the office or Switzerland.

Being able to accomplish anything from anywhere at any time is pretty incredible, isn’t it!? My mobile takes me far and beyond. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, whether I am in the bathroom or the boardroom, I am connected.

But am I connected to you?

So what do you need to learn?

Think I am asking a lot? Don’t.

I have given you the keys to the kingdom, a direct line to me. Stop viewing mobile as one of your marketing strategy channels and start viewing it as the KEY to your marketing strategy. Mobile has given me the convenience, the personalization, the value, the power; and that won’t change because I am not willing to give it up.

But like Brad Jakeman, the marketing guru behind such illustrious brands as Macy’s, Citigroup, and currently Pepsi, says “The irony is that while there have never been more ways to reach consumers, it’s never been harder to connect with consumers.”

Thanks, Jake, you nailed it.

We consumers will continue to be connected, the only question is, will we connect to you?

This blog was first published in mobileLIVE.

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