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While we were still working on mastering Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC), Digital Transformation aka (DX) itself has evolved into DX 2.0 representing the priority stack — Internet of Things, Data, Design Thinking, and Artificial Intelligence (IDDA).

It’s all happening — thinking Internet of Things with all possible connected devices and touchpoints in our daily lives; integrating data gathering sources, assembling data strategy and analytics for better informed decisions; designing products, experiences, and businesses with a focused human-centered approach; and making artificial intelligence predict patterns, automate and personalize experiences.

Let’s take a deeper dive…

The new chief of data generation

Mobile itself, or for that matter mobile and web, are no longer the chief of data generation — its Internet of Things (IoT). Data is not only being generated by the apps we use but our interaction with almost every smart device including; wearables, cars, cameras, routers, places, social, etc. representing the enormous universe of opportunities and tons of yummy data all around us. With less than 20 billion connected devices today to 30 billion in 2020 to 80 billion in 2025, digital businesses will be leveraging IoT and not limiting themselves to mobile and web only.

Data is king, big or small

Data, big or small, remains to be the king in DX economy. Data is the most valuable currency; our gateway to growth. Data is being generated at a phenomenal pace and by 2025, Digital Universe is estimated to create 180 Zettabytes of data in the world annually. Unfortunately, many businesses are still managing data poorly — leaving it scattered, unclean and unfit to use. Imagine the opportunities being lost here. We need to declare an urgency in hiring employees or partners who master data, can help implement data strategy and analytics to fuel growth.

The human centricity

The Design Thinking approach of empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing is centred around humans. Thanks to 918,202 UX Designers all over the world, not only the quality of products has just not improved dramatically but the incredible design thinking approach is being applied to almost everything — even business operations. Realizing that businesses are run by humans (employees — or at least till robots take over) design thinking approach is being used to enhance team collaborations, processes, innovations, performance, and satisfaction. This in return is benefiting customer satisfaction and business growth.

Magic of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the magic wand in achieving automation and personalization. Implementing robotic process and test automations along with bots socializing and assisting, AI is not only saving time and cost but increasing agility and accuracy as well. At the same time, AI is working through basic segmentation, to prediction and personalization based on customer preferences and behavior patterns, all the way to unbelievable autonomous vehicles. By 2029 Artificial Intelligence will actually read at human levels, understand language and be able to communicate at human levels, at a vast scale.

Digital transformation is a journey; not a destination and we at mobileLIVE believe, DX stack has evolved into IDDA from SMAC. However, it’s not one or the other rather both stacks — SMAC & IDDA — need to be conquered to continue growth in this ever-increasing digital economy.

What do you think?

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