Continuous Testing to Increase Accuracy in Healthcare

2 min readAug 11, 2022


Thousands of medical practitioners rely on accurate diagnosis, insights, and behavioral analytics in wound care, using apps developed by the client.

With hundreds of possible use cases in each application, there is a significant human effort involved in ensuring the robustness of these apps, causing delays to release. Any inaccuracy in diagnosis or progress monitoring may hamper treatment options for the patients, and cause dissatisfaction, and hefty regulatory fines by government authorities.


  • Multiple Apps with different functionality, hundreds of use cases per application
  • Human intensive effort in managing resources, budget, and on-time delivery while performing manual testing
  • Automation Skepticism and a lack of trust in automation and its capabilities to solve the problem


mobileLIVE streamlined end-to-end automation by implementing a CI/CD pipeline for each app with a custom Jenkins plugin. Leveraging robotic test automation through UXPLORE, we performed end-to-end testing, identified several significant defects, preventing them from going to production. Automation also reduced human effort and the time required to test hundreds of test cases substantially.

The client’s experience with previous vendors kept them in a high state of skepticism, wondering if their complex automation needs could ever be met.

Our team purposely selected their most challenging use case and built a proof of concept, demonstrating the limitless possibilities of automation. We created a custom Jenkins plugin to streamline the CI/CD pipeline to fetch iOS builds from TestFlight, integrated UXPLORE to perform end-to-end testing, triaged bug reporting to TestRail, and sent automated notifications via Slack.


  • 60% Savings in labour costs compared to manual testing
  • 50% Fewer Defects in production compared to manual testing
  • 50% Reduction in the Release Cycle from 1 week to 3 days
  • 4x DevOps Releases by enhancing the productivity of the DevOps group
  • 3x Faster Execution with more tests ran in the same timeframe as manual testing
  • Increased Stability with more tests being run and finding more defects




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