Automated Large Scale Testing for a Global Manufacturer


A global manufacturing, sales and service company offering turnkey solutions to the Cable TV service providers globally, needed to automate the process of testing Set-Top Boxes (STBs) in an isolated Cable TV network environment. The current process took an average of 15 minutes to test a single STB.


Partnering with mobileLIVE, a custom test automation platform was developed. R&D was conducted across multiple closed and proprietary platforms with the result being an end-to-end intelligent automation testing tool. Using barcode identification, the system allowed for multiple tests to be run simultaneously while measuring industry standard network and device parameters. To increase efficiency, caching was implemented and a system library was developed to house pertinent information such as diagnostic logs for each device tested.


The custom test automation platform was successfully integrated across several manufacturers proprietary hardware and embedded hardware built by the company themselves. The platform significantly improved productivity, reducing test time from 15 minutes for a single STB to 10 minutes for 20 STBs on each rack, with multiple racks being tested simultaneously.



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