Recent events have shown all of us just how quickly the world can slip into chaos and confusion. But that “chaos” isn’t limited to a worldwide pandemic. It happens in varying degrees in our day to day lives. However, despite the chaos, whether global or professional, a business must keep moving forward. Customers still have problems that need to be solved, and your ideas still have the potential to solve them — that is if you can take them from concept to fruition.

Watch and discover our framework for cutting through the chaos, and going from the problem space to rollout; getting your MVP where it belongs — in the hands of your customers.

Like what we say? You’ll love what we do. See for yourself.

Discover HyperAutomation — the intersection of RPA, Test Automation, and AI — as we showcase how to successfully automate your E2E environment and drive ROI. This is a live recording featuring Jahan Ali, Founder and CEO of mobileLIVE, Noel Kirthiraj, CEO of UXPLORE, and Ragavan Balasubramaniam, Test Automaton Manager of mobileLIVE. It was hosted and moderated by Crina Bildea, Director of Sales.

Like what we say? You’ll love what we do. See for yourself.

Why would you utilize Kanban in SAFe? The short answer — to be successful. The longer answer starts with why organizations adopt Agile in the first place.

The most successful organizations are the ones that elicit the most value from their efforts and have established best practices and processes to…


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